Optimize your IT delivery stream

Going fast is a slow learning, but that's ok, you're in good hands

My mission
I help organizations to optimize their value delivery by :
  • Inspecting the processes and communication channels
  • Identifiying the pain points, blocking factors... and solving them using a methodological approach
  • Coaching and teaching their staff to reach independency and maturity
  • Implementing state-of-the-art solutions: CI/CD, orchestration, deployment strategies...
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Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD (Gitlab, Azure Devops / TFS), Quality Shift-Left, Test Automation, Monitoring (Prometheus, Dynatrace), Kibana...
There's no bad tool, but a screwdriver is sub-efficient at nailing.

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Agnostic Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, SAFe...
Whatever the name, as long as the priority is to shorten the feedback loop and maximize the delivered value, I'm in.

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Coaching & training

Ad-hoc training, in individual or group sessions :
  • Clean Code, TDD, BDD, Devops methodology
  • PSD1, PSM1 or PSPO1
Field coaching :
  • Agile methodologies, within a team or cross teams
  • Devops methodologies & tooling, within a product team, or at organization level to define & implement a vision
  • Testing, within a development team or with a team of testers, to optimize the quality/time ratio